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Frasne : a place where Nature is everywhere !


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Visite Frasne and the Val du Drugeon


These places are in Franche Comté, in the eastern part of France :


In Frasne :

- Regional nature reserve of the Peatbogs of Frasne:

it does not measure less than 150 hectares. This is a protected site, unique, which home to a large number of different species, such as plant or animals. The Peatbogs of Frasne take place in a wet zone with European and International ecological value. They are fitted out with several paths, and particularly a 1, 5 km long loop circuit completely accessible to all the public. You will discover the history of the peatbogs’ formation, their use by the people and a surprising biodiversity. (Audio guides in English can be rented at the Frasne Information Tourist Office).


- The Castle of Joux:

This is a castle located about 5 km from Pontarlier, and it overlooks the city. It was built in the eleventh century by the Lords of Joux but was subsequently revised by Sébastien Vauban in the seventeenth century. This guided tour will introduce you to a very rich history of the castle and the characters who lived there. You'll also find several pieces, including the most expected: the cell of Berthe de Joux and its legend. Then the more modern part: The museum of weapons were finding during the excavations.


- The citadel of Besançon:

This Citadel is also a Vauban work, it's a very famous site, It is World Heritage Site of UNESCO! It is considered as one of the most beautiful Citadel of France. Ramparts overlooking Besançon which allows a unique panorama of the city. It is first a place of culture due to its architecture, fortifications and Resistance Museum. But it is also a place for tourism and relaxation with its zoo and its animals all more beautiful than the other.


- The Royal Saltworks (Arc et Senans, Salins les Bains):

Arc et Senans and Salins les Bain’s Royal Saltworks are also recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO. They were first for the production of salt in the eighteenth century, but they became later recognized places as majestic, designed for sightseeing from the twentieth century. The Royal Saltworks were darn by the Doubs and changed of functions after the looting of this time, the fire and the abandonment of these for example.


- Caves, Waterfalls, Lakes:

Osselle's Caves (15 kilometers from Besançon) and Moidon's Caves (Near Arbois) are the most famous Caves and the most visited ones. The Poudrey's chasm (between Besançon and Pontarlier) it's also. Caves are kinds of natural caverns in length; they are very cold so it allows the discovery of crystallization, majestic stalactites and stalagmites. The Chasm is also a kind of cave composed of cavities filled with stalactites ... but the only difference is that it is dug deep, and that of Poudrey is more than 70 meters underground. Wonderment insured! Moreover whether in one or the other, the play of light and sound are great.


- The Hedgehog's Waterfalls:

It is a natural site in respect of protection of landscapes. They are located in the heart of Lakeland and Small Mountains, and they are surrounded by cliffs. This site is composed of a series of seven magnificent waterfalls to discover during a nice hike of 3 hours maximum. The winter landscape is beautiful, you can see the frozen waterfalls as you've never seen and the summer it's a pleasant and refreshing family walk thanks to the presence of the forest and the river.


The Lakeland


Franche-Comté is also « The Lakeland », many are known and appreciated as Narlay, Ilay and the Chalain ones, located at thirty kilometers from Frasne.


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Thank you very much to the Communauté de Communes Frasne-Drugeon.