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Costa Tropical, the rising coast in Spain


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Costa Tropical is the rising fashionable coast in Spain


The Costa Tropical, in Andalusia, is one of the most beautiful places in Spain. Many pueblos deserve a tour : 



Frigiliana encompass 39.74 sq km within which live just over 3,000 people year round.

Frigiliana is a popular tourist destination, and because there are many holiday homes here, the population triples during the summer months.

The history of Frigiliana dates from prehistoric times. The village has been inhabited by numerous civilisations from the Phoenicians and Romans to the Arabs, who had the greatest impact on the town's development. During the Christian reconquest, Frigiliana was the site of numerous battles culminating in the famous battle of the Rock of Frigiliana in 1569 which ended in the complete expulsion of the Moorish people.

One can learn the history of this struggle by walking through the streets of the historic section where there are a series of twelve ceramic plaques posted about which explain the entire story.



Maro is a small village only 4km away from Nerja, with only 2000 inhabitants. There are many restaurants and cafés, and seaviews from the Balcon de Maro. Maro is the nearest village to the Nerja Caves, which are some of the most famous in Spain.


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